HOPE Token raised $100k to Donate to Save the Children in Only 3 Weeks

Hope Token
3 min readMay 5, 2021

HOPE, a crypto-backed charity project, has recently announced its upcoming donation to Save the Children International on May 5th. Save the Children is a global humanitarian aid organization recognized for several humanitarian efforts collectively aimed at providing quality living for children all around the world.

The donation, valued at $100,000, will kick off a series of monthly donations to various charities. The latest move represents a big step in the project’s bid to achieve maximum social impact through various humanitarian projects around the world.

Operating in about 120 countries, the goal of the organization is to improve the standards of living for children. Since its inception, the organization has maintained a track record of successfully completing humanitarian initiatives with the utmost transparency and accountability. These qualities align with HOPE’s core values,

Back in 2013, Save the Children International made headlines for being the first humanitarian organization to accept donations in cryptocurrency. This in itself is a remarkable move showing immense foresight, considering this was a time when the majority of the world barely knew anything about cryptocurrencies.

Worthy of note, the organization recently teamed up with the Cardano Foundation to actively explore ways to leverage the Cardano blockchain (and its cryptocurrency, ADA) for social good.

The hype around charity tokens clearly hasn’t gone unnoticed by observers. As it stands, the charity segment of the crypto space is rife with scams and projects who only focus their efforts on marketing and PR campaigns.

This has led to a lot of misplaced priorities on crypto-backed charity projects. Even worse, the current trend has made some investors fall victim to scam charity tokens with no positive impact at all on humanity.

HOPE was created to change the current narrative…

The donation to Save the Children initiative is no doubt the first of many. The HOPE project stands clear from other charity tokens caught in the hype. Thanks to a genuine desire to contribute to social good through large and medium-sized charitable organizations.

It’s perhaps noteworthy that the project houses a dedicated team of seasoned experts in the crypto space and non-profit charity industry. The team operates transparently and every member’s identity is available to the public.

About HOPE

HOPE is a charity project launched on the Binance Smart Chain. $HOPE is the native BEP-20 token of the platform, and it will be used to perform functions like managing donations, liquidity mining and governance.

HOPE aims to bridge the crypto space with a transparent donation pathway for charitable organizations. By leveraging blockchain technology, the project aims to tackle existing challenges plaguing humanitarian projects.

HOPE is a legitimate crypto charity project with an innovative tokenomics model and a Charity Roadmap. Through a community-backed governance mechanism, $HOPE holders will be able to nominate charities and also vote for the final recipient of the monthly donations. This would help maintain a fair selection process and ensure donations are properly managed.

The ultimate goal of HOPE is to usher in a new age of crypto-backed donations with proper accountability and responsible management of donor funds.



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